31 January 2011

Deja Vu

Wow, it's been a while hasn't it?

Not sure if I'll bother keeping this up as I don't think anybody actually follows this....

Oh, well.

I might as well use the opportunity to brush up on writing on something other than Facebook. Leave your twitter accounts at the door. I'll not have it in this establishment! Plus I need to seriously get rid of my habit of putting smileys into text.
Fine for internet speaking people, but I have to live (and write) in the real world! :P
(God damn it!)

I'm sort of itching to do a few things creative writing wise. I have an idea for a sketch in my head and it's reasonably possible it could be filmed by some film nerds I'm acquainted with. More on that later. I've yet to actually properly kick into thesis writing or even the inking I flirted with briefly.
I've sort of lost that itch...
Shame, as I find it really enjoyable, even if I'm only mucking about with it as opposed to seriously inking over pencils. I even shelled out for expensive paper for it it too.

Anyway, I must be up early to make a fool out of myself on a rock wall tomorrow afternoon.

Anyway, enjoy some Robyn.


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