19 November 2009

I have been having a seriously weird and long week!! Very stressful because of a really unpleasant essay that I've been putting off for quite some time now....

And then there's the whole bother with work and why I'm starting to resent it greatly.....

And then there was the issue with a simple twitter and a simple inquiry and Erin's inability to misdirect me.... which I say in jest, it's all turned out rather well. I sort of wish I had been misdirected as, being an inquisitive person armed with a BA in History and trained in the deadly arts of critical thinking and academic inquiry..... I started asking questions...

Well, the CIA has nothing on me ,lol.

And now... I am eagerly awaiting February.
I am still in shock as to the unbelievable generosity of my friends. You really do meet the greatest friends of your life in college, it seems. It still hasn't sunk in yet.... what they want to do, and for me. I don't think I deserve them, to be honest..... and that's not false humility and a desire to look good on the internet. I'm thankful not many of them ever bother checking my blog actually!
And if they do.... well.
So be it.

I have to say, I've never been looking forward to February so much.... (not least because the weather is dire and Waterloo is flooded badly)
I can't wait till I have to take three flights, possibly fly out of Dublin (spits) and then lose several days worth of sleep.

But it'll be worth it.

She's worth it :)


  1. Haha, yeah, I should've come up with some kind of lie about that tweet. I wrote it knowing full well you might ask me about it, and fully intending to come up with a nice explanation... and then forgot to. -.-

    Oh well, no harm done. I don't think. Hopefully no one in Ireland wants to throttle me now because 34 days is evidently my limit on keeping a huge, important secret from someone I talk to every day. o.O

  2. Hey, I talk to you far more frequently than I seem to be able to talk to the others lately and to be honest, you were under scrutiny from a mind trained in interrogation of sources :P

    Er, sorry about that.
    I feel like I've looked into the attic and found all the Christmas presents several months to early :P

  3. Twitter gave that away? God damn! :D