16 August 2009


I should point out, for the benefit of those not part of the Prague Expeditionary Force (aka peffff, or the sound Peter makes when poked in the belly) that the reason that Kate and I both exclaimed "Gamelan!" together was because we saw one. When wandering around a very interesting museum with an exhibition devoted entirely to music and the history behind it, we duly ambled one (abominably early) morning into a room about Asian music at Kate's suggestion. We were confronted by what appeared at first glance to be room to be a red and gold explosion of bells, gongs, and various other wonderful bronze things that make a noise.

To the educated eye, however, this was a decent example of a Gamelan, the largest instrument in the world. Also, the most impressive!
According to Kate, though, UCC's own gamelan is of a superior quality.

Of course. That's where all their budget goes....

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