16 August 2009

Getting to know you

I hate the internet.

It has no instruction manual at all- it drives me mad!
maybe it's just because I don't spend every waking minute on a computer and have a secret suspicion of those who do....

Anyway, thank God they made this Bloger thing reasonably user (and by that I mean impatient person who doesn't know or care how half this crap works, I just want to follow my friend's blog god damnit!) friendly.

This blog isn't going to be about smiles and sunshine. If I want to rant, then I'm going to take a deep beath and rant longer, harder and louder than Ranty Angus McRanter, the winner of the National Mad Scottish Ranting Bastard Competition 5 years in a row.

To business.

I love the Prague blog, it's fantastic to see all those painstakingly collected quotes reappear in glorious internet form!
And to think we were going to put it on bebo! *snorting, hooting*
Well done to Anne on her excellent job of typing up and putting up of what shall remain part of a dearly cherished time for me.

Ah... tequila.... I hardly remember thee. Although according to Phil and John I was rather fond of it by the end of the night!
I think that it's fantastic that we can more or less immortalise that time and as a history student, I'm interested in how memories vary, change, mutate even over time.
I can't wait to see bits and pieces of everyone's experience of Prague find their way to the Blog Anne (excellently) set up for us.
Truly, she will forever be the Keeper of the Maroon Copybook of Pragueness.

And we, the raving mad, giddy people who scribbled, (and in Peter's case dribbled) defaced and generally pawedat it when something hysterical was said.
Amazing to think that it only represents a fraction of how much bloody fun the whole week was.

As myself and Kate said in unison one day in a museum:


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